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Project “Restoration of the Barn of Kelmė Manor Homestead and its Adaptation for Museum, Cultural and Educational Purpose”

In 2006, Kelmė Region Museum as well as Public Institution “Kultur” working cooperatively prepared an investment project called “Preparation of a New Museum Exposition and Adaptation of Kelmė Manor for Other Public Needs”. In the same year an application was made for the “EEE and Norwegian Financial Mechanism Fund” named “Restoration of the Barn of Kelmė Manor Homestead and its Adaptation for Museum, Cultural and Educational Purpose”.

In 2006, a technical project on reconstruction of the barn G16K4 was prepared. Its author was Regina Smilgevičiūtė.

In August 2008 an agreement was signed between the “EEE and Norwegian Financial Mechanism Fund” and Kelmė Region Municipality on the implementation of the project. The length of the project is 16 months. Its value is 1 million 267 thousand litas (Lt). It is sponsored by the “EEE and Norwegian Financial Mechanism Fund”. Norwegian Financial Mechanisms allocated 1 million 1 thousand Lt, Lithuanian National Budget – 190 thousand, Kelmė Region Municipality – 76 thousand Lt.

Object of the project – Kelmė Manor Barn – is an object of the cultural heritage, included into the Register of Cultural Values (No. 282 G16K1). The general aim of the project is to increase life quality and tourist attractiveness in Kelmė Region. The aim of the project is to increase the variety and accessibility of public cultural, educational and tourism services in Kelmė Region by restoring the barn of Kelmė Manor Homestead and by adapting it for museum, cultural and educational purpose.

The claimant of the project is Kelmė Region Municipal Administration. The owner of the object is – Kelmė Region Municipal Board. The buildings of Kelmė Manor Homestead ensemble house Kelmė Region Museum, expositions of which as well as corpus storages are located in all three buildings.

A work group has been formed to manage the project. It consists of workers from Kelmė Region Municipality and Kelmė Region Museum. The project manager – V. Kizis, members – D. Žalpienė, A. Dambrauskas and E. Sinkevičius. The restoration of the manor barn was done by JSC “Telšių Meistras”.

Kelmė Manor Barn was in an emergency condition: part of the wooden walls was rot-damaged, the roof and the ceiling were damaged by fungus. It was a threat to the survival of the valuable heritage object, the building did not meet hygiene and safety requirements, it was not adapted to the public service. While implementing the project, the manor barn was mothballed and restored (area: 280 square meters and 1,135 cubic meters), also corpus storages and a classroom for educational sessions were formed. Besides, the area near the barn was tidied by making a small stone field of 58.9 square meters. The educational classroom will serve for ethnic cultural educational workshops and seminars, educational programs and classes of training courses of Samogitian traditional summer handicrafts. The territory near the Manor barn will be a suitable place for ethnic cultural festivals and events.

Results of the implementation of the project: a valuable heritage object was saved – Manor barn, rooms were adapted for the needs of the community and tourists. Also, it was permitted to provide more and better quality services in this building. The attractiveness of Kelmė Region among tourists was increased.

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