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The barn building before restoration.

Dismantlement of the barn: supporting and railing wooden constructions were marked and dismantled.

Preparation of timber: authentic timber was thoroughly reselected in order to use as much original timber as possible. Only the eroded timber was removed. The affected timber was sealed, fortified by injections and reinforcement rods. The wood surface was cleaned with chemicals, antisepticised, covered in fire-resistant materials, and impregnated.

Renewal of the foundation, mounting of the underground span.

Restoration of log walls and balks, mounting of the first floor span.

Mounting of the roof-supporting constructions and sliver carpet, restoration of the hoist.

Outer finish of the building: the south-western facade was sheathed with planed-planks after the new timber of the facade logs had been dubbed with an axe; doors and windows were reconstructed, metal-ware was restored or reconstructed as copies of authentic metal-ware.

Inner finish of the building: the ceiling and planed-plank floor were laid; the timber of inner walls was dubbed with an axe.

Electrical wiring was installed as well as lightning protection, fire and security alarms; the building was adapted for the disabled.

Storages of ethnographic exhibits of Kelmė Regional museum as well as a classroom of educational sessions were set up.

The territory was tidied up by demounting the asphalt cover and paving it with field stones instead.

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